The Story of The Human Reformation Project

The Human Reformation Project was started from a vision of humanity working together in collaboration to make a better world.

“A world that works for Everyone, with no one left out.” – Hunger Project

How do we get there? And where are we now? That is the beginning of the story.

To this point, man has gone through several stages of evolution:

Each individual, through multiple lifetimes is evolving through these stages.  As we each evolve, the whole of humanity evolves.

1. Every individual was guided by external voices with no self-awareness. Self-awareness began to form and there was a clear distinction between inside and outside.

2. As time went on, self, as family and later group identity began to form. Leaders emerged within humanity to guide the groups that began to form.

3. Individual Identity began to form and the ego identity became real to individuals. We could now become “someone” . A person who will last a lifetime. This person became the core of our interests and reflections.   These individuals strive to protect and serve the  “someone” that is created through this process.

4. As each individual starts to practice self-development, there is a balancing between the welfare of the individual and the welfare of the groups that the individual is part of (family, friends, work, city, state, country, etc). Some will choose to emphasize the needs of the individual, and some will begin to emphasize the needs of the group. The strategy of collaboration through self-control and mutual respect becomes real and potentially stable.

As a whole, we are mostly in the 3rd stage of development (developing Individual Identity) with some individuals stuck in stage 2 (developing Group Identy – following others). There are a significant number of stage 4 individuals who can be trusted to collaborate without using the energy created to make their ego identity more powerful.