The Human Reformation Project – Here to Help

The Human Reformation Project was started from a vision of humanity working together in collaboration to make a better world.

For my part, I offer :

1. Healing sessions (both at a person’s home and from a distance).

2. Spiritual Clearing of houses and other properties

3. Health readings with recommendations

4. Open Advice which can be used to improve your life

5. Situational Readings to investigate and understand the motives and objectives of those around you.

6. Some access to beings which reside within the spirit world (including the dead).

7. Protection, when needed, from outside spiritual forces.

8. I have a list of people I send energy to on a daily basis in order to boost their effectiveness in life.

9. You are welcome to discuss other possibilities as they may occur to you.


Please contact me if I can be of service to you.  The best way to do this is to start by sending me an email with your request and your contact information.  My email address is

I should respond within 2 days of receiving your request.

My long range goal for humanity is : “A world that works for Everyone, with no one left out.” – I am in alignment with The Hunger Project